Managed Services

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Managed Services for Cloud Datacenter


Enterprise Infrastructure Support

Enterprise Applications In the Cloud  

System Administration

OS Support for SUSE Linus, RHEL, AIX, Windows, Ubuntu

Database Administration

DB Administration for Apache Stack, Cassandra, PostgreSql, MongoDB 

Virtual Private Cloud Services

VPC with FWaaS, Compute, Storage and SDN Support

Managed HA/DR Backup

HA and DR to the Cloud, Replication Backup

Custom Support

Customize Support Levels based on usage


Remote Management

RIM Services

Remote Infrastructure Management Geographically spread environments 

Mobile Monitoring

Monitor through Mobile Apps and Devices 24/7 with Dashboard and Portals 

Remote Data Services

Remote DB Management 

Remote Compute and Network Service

Management of Compute and Network infrastructure ops 

Remote Migration Service

Manage Environment Migrations across multiple architectures from remote location 

Vendor Asset Management

Access to Vendor Portals through a centralized converged system 


IT DRP Cloud based Continuity

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Comprehensive IT DR and BCP on pay-as-you-go models 

DR Cloud Workshops

Conduct DR Planning and Training for DR Drills and Activity by Virtual Workshops 

Risk Management

Access IT Risk and Mitigate through quick deployments of environments 

Remote Backps

Mange DATA and File Backups to the Cloud 

Application and Data Fail Over / Fail Back

Architect HA/DR Scenarios for Fail Over and Fail Back 

Far and Near DR

Solutions for Far and Near DR through Replication Options