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DevOps (or the merging of development teams and operations teams) is a new IT operating model that helps bridge the gap between how code is developed and how it is operated once deployed to production. 
Making a single team accountable for the code logic, testing, deployment artifacts, and the operations of the system will ensure that nothing is lost in the life cycle of a code development process.

GitLab GitLab supports many convenient features on top of Git. It's a large and complex software system based on Ruby. As such, it can be difficult to install, what with getting all the dependencies right and so on.

The Jenkins build server A build server is, in essence, a system that builds software based on various triggers. There are several to choose from. In this book, we will have a look at Jenkins, which is a popular build server written in Java.

  • Date Published: 06/08/2015
  • Categories: Automation